Protocol for personal data and communications

Cupcake offers freemium Tent hosting

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Tent is a protocol for decentralized communication. Every user has one (or more) servers/service providers and many applications. Every Tent user can communicate with every other Tent user, regardless of their hosting provider, just like email.

Users control their data, can change providers at any time or self host their Tent server. Developers can focus on creating great applications without maintaining servers or building on proprietary platforms.


  • Interoperable applications

    Just like the early days of Twitter, Tent applications play well together. Different users can use different apps to talk to share data without worrying about compatibility.

  • Competition

    Tent commodifies hosting infrastructure by guaranteeing interoperability between servers and eliminating vendor lock in. You’re free to pick the best host for you, not be stuck with ones all your friends use.

  • Future compatible

    Tent is data agnostic. Developers can create and store new kinds of information formats whenever they want. That means Tent is ready for the next trend, killer app, and paradigm, even though we don’t know what it is yet.

  • No one’s in charge

    Tent is like email and the web. No single company, person, or governament is in control. There’s no one to censor or limit you as a user, publisher, service provider, or developer.

Learn more about Tent at tent.io

Cupcake services

Tent is an open protocol like HTTP, SMTP, or RSS. You don’t need anyone’s permission to use it. As the company that developed Tent, Cupcake also offers freemium Tent hosting to help users.

Cupcake offers freemium Tent hosting

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  • Storage that grows with you

    We designed Tent to be a place to store everything forever. Paying users get more storage every month. After a while it really adds up, so you don’t ever have to delete part of your digital life.

  • Great apps

    We have apps for everything from microblogging to file sharing. All our apps are free to all users. And of course you can use any Tent app in the world with your Cupcake account without limitation.

We also open sourced most of the apps that power Cupcake Tent hosting. They’re available on Github and permissively licensed. Join us in decentralizing the digital world.